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Craft Shop

Our fabulous Craft Shop

The Craft Shop sells a variety of art and crafts as well as produce made by local people.

Some of the items include: knitted jumpers, scarves, hats, kids clothes, baby clothes, jewellery, paintings, cakes, biscuits and plants.

SHOP OPENING HOURS: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

TIME: 10am—12pm, 2pm—5pm

If you would like to sell any art, craft, baked goods, home grown produce or plants please come into the Craft Shop during opening hours or call Nola Smith on 53951461.

All profits are channelled back in to running workshops and other community needs.  Volunteers to work in the shop are greatly appreciated and required to ensure the shop can open regularly.  If you have some time to spare per month, let us know when you’re available and we will put you on a roster to help in the shop.


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